How to Fall Asleep Faster (Even if You’re Not Tired)

Sometimes there’s no way to avoid having to go to sleep before you’re tired.

Whether you have a commitment first thing in the morning, or you just need to get a bit more sleep than usual, you need to get to sleep fast even though you’re not tired. Which is pretty much the worst thing ever.

These four tips will help you fall asleep fast without the use of any sort of nonsense sleep aids. Guaranteed. 

This monkey shows you how to fall asleep

Be like the monkey


No More “One More Things”

We’re all guilty of it. You know you have to be in bed in five or six minutes, and you have just one more thing to do. And when you’re done that, you have just one more thing to do.

More often than not, that one more thing is internet-related. Even if that “one more thing” was finding this information on going to sleep faster, shut it down. There is no more one more things. You’re going to sleep. Just fall asleep.

Turn off the TV

In fact, take your television out of your bedroom. There’s nothing worse to prevent you from falling asleep than actually doing something you find interesting. And if you have the television on and you’re not even watching something you find interesting, then you’re just ridiculous.

The light and the noise both disturb your ability to sleep. Shut it all off. Don’t listen to music, and don’t watch TV.

Limit Light – Darker is Better

It’s not just the television – if you have any sort of light source, get rid of it. Turn off the lights and shut the curtains. If there’s still light coming in from outside, get better curtains. You’re not going to fall asleep if you’re being bombarded with sunlight.

Your body limits the secretion of melatonin when subjected to light. Melatonin is a naturally occurring organic compound that is also used in sleep aids and relaxation drinks.

So instead of going out and buying some ridiculous pill or powder, just turn the lights out when it’s time for bed.

Don’t worry about a thing (or, why you’ll definitely fall asleep)

It really doesn’t matter what you have to do tomorrow or what you did today. Especially not if you are trying to go to sleep.

You need to clear your mind of all worry. There’s nothing you can do about it when you’re supposed to be sleeping anyways. In fact, by spending this time at night thinking about the problem, you’re only going to end up more tired tomorrow. And how is that going to help?

If you find it hard to clear your mind, simply focus on your breathing. And nothing but. When your mind begins to wander, just remember: focus on your breathing.

When it’s time for sleep you should be in a dark, quiet room, and be doing absolutely nothing. Were you looking for a magical solution?

If you have any tips of your own on getting a good night’s sleep, please leave them in the comments. More is always better.

  • Ralph

    Really good tips. I’m up really early-around 3 am most mornings-and its important to me to fall asleep at a decent hour. To help me sleep I usually start to wind down at least 30 minutes before. I also make sure I don’t eat or drink anything with too much sugar and nothing with caffeine in it.

    • Prateek Tambi

      Even I like to sleep early and find difficulty with it. But winding down 30 minutes earlier was actually useful for me. It helps “Don’t Worry About a Thing” part. Also No more one more things is also a useful tip. Boils down to being disciplined through the day so as you don’t “have to” do the last thing.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t sleep i’ve haven’t been able to sleep for three days. I only slept 30 minutes but got woken up and couldn’t go back to sleep. I think i have extreme insomnia? Any tips on how to get to sleep?

    • Anonymous

      That really dont help at all

      • Anonymous

        I know it doesn’t help me at all either. All the useless tips are about pretty much the same thing and there’s no point of having this site.

  • Rochelle

    I wish I had seen this blog before last night, I battled to get to sleep, even though I wasn’t tired, I had to be up bright and early this morning for work. I constantly tossed and turned.

  • Kesha Brown

    Ha, my problem is the last – not worrying about (or thinking about) a lot of stuff before falling off to sleep.

    Sometimes I’ll pick up my latch hook kit, listen to the Soundscapes music channel or read to get my body in “sleep” mode.

    Also, taking 15 minutes to just sit and be still helps me sometimes too to stop all the chatter in my head before bed :-)


    • darling

      How’d you make that smiley face

  • Amanda

    I have to sleep with my tv on and I beloved in ghosts

  • Amanda


  • Kayla gatt

    I just can’t get to sleep at night

  • Anonymous

    I CANT GET TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!! :.(

  • Anonymous

    I can’t go to sleep

  • kira

    I am dead (not really it refers to me being tired

    • sexy

      You forgot the ) at the end

  • kira

    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      you need somebody not any body

  • A Girl

    Can anyone help everything I read didn’t work

    • A Girl

      Just turn on soothing sounds turn off everything else

  • A Girl

    I’m not the same girl as the one who said ” Can anyone help everything I read didn’t work”

  • Anonymous

    I always struggled to get to sleep and fell asleep about midnight and woke up about 3 but now I get to sleep easyer

  • Mohammed

    From Few days i d’nt get sleeping.Actually i get sleeping but when i going to the bed i struggled alot to have a sleep.I have tried many things to get the sleep but i could not get it.I could not concentrate upon work in office due to sleep.
    So could you be suggest me the easiest way to have a sleep.

    Awaiting for early response
    Your’s Friend

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  • Robert Misner


  • Jennifer

    For me it helps to have the tv on and a pillow behind my back and by my foot u should try it it actually works